Music and Art

Power of Music

“The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.” —— Glenn Gould
Glenn Gould (1932〜1982)

The great philosophers were also familiar with the power of music and its influence on humans and society as well as the leap and down of civilization by the power of music. Harmonious and positive music with respect to the essence of human life and human consciousness raises human intelligence and emotion, consciousness, and conversely negative music brings a lot of harm to man and culture. The power of this kind of music is, so to speak, “a double-edged sword”, which can improve humanity and culture to a great height, and it can lead to immense fall and madness, degradation and decline. While concerted and peaceful music is a hotbed that purifies people and fosters advanced culture, it can be said that it is definitely negative, decadent, destructive in the background of times that create war and global discord. It is clear from the history of World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean Uprising that insane, malicious and discordant music is in vogue. Regardless of genre, such as classical, popular, jazz, blues, gospel, rock, country, ethnic music, movie music, nursery rhymes, religious music, marches, and musicians regardless of composer or historical background at that period. There are a mixture of both positive and negative effects. They act on the listener and appear as changes in consciousness, both good and bad.
Music that has the power to penetrate deep inside of human mind is a kind of magic. Even in the media art that plays a part, it must be remembered that there is a part of the responsibility to guide this power in the right direction. Music develops the connection between human left and right brains in a better way, and even reminds us that we live together with others when actively involved in music. So, not only listening to music passively, but also playing an instrument or singing aloud, the more positive attitude of music makes it possible to realize the value of music. Music that truly harmonizes brings joy to both the listener and the performer, and I feel that it is essential to enhance human dignity.

Monism of Music

Music is usually thought of as being heard by the ear through the sound of air vibrations. However, there are cases where just that is not necessarily music. For example, in a dream, you may even be able to listen to speeches and songs, the sounds of nature and the performance of instruments, not directly through the air, perhaps directly in deep consciousness. This is an experience where you actually “listen” on the spot, unlike remembering the memories of the sounds you once heard. Furthermore, there are many episodes where composers and musicians take on a walk and melody takes on in the surface consciousness, and inspiring great songs. Think of it that way, the physical phenomenon for music is only a secondary result of “once there was music in consciousness,” it appears and disappears at the moment it is expressed as sound. It is thought to be only a product of the real consciousness of melody and harmony. So to speak, “consciousness precedes sound”.
If it is only a mechanical, random-listed sound, it is not the result of a sense of “existing as music” from the beginning, so it does not have the power to “call up music” in the human mind. It is just a “sound” and not “music”, so it can not move people’s minds. On the other hand, “music”, once born in the composer’s or player’s consciousness and emitted as sound, is transmitted to the mind of the listener in any form, sowed, seeded, and eventually “music”. It grows into a big tree. It applies not only to the presence of live music, but also to listening through an audio device as a physical medium. In other words, the prototype of “music” has existed from the beginning in anyone’s consciousness, and only physical stimuli of sound are used to evoke it by organic connections. Music is, so to speak, a universal code, a congenital common language, and it is based on the common universal consciousness that everyone is born into. I feel that the existence of music questions the depth and wonder of the world of human consciousness.