CD Players

model S503 "spiral" ― CD Player (DAC included) / CD Transport

model S507 "notebook II" ― Minimal Size CD Player (DAC included) / CD Transport

D/A Converter

model S504 "unison" ― 16 bit Non-Oversampling DAC


model S501 "air" ― Headphones/Line Amplifier

model S502 "ether" ― Integrated Amplifier

model S505 "Flügel/Fluegel" ― Power Amplifier with Volume Control

Input Selector

model S506 "switchgirl" ― Input Selector

Phono Amplifier

model S508 "esprit" ― MC Phono Amplifier

Loudspeaker Systems

model S301B "diva" ― 10cm Full-Range Loudspeaker System

model S510 "flavor" ― 15cm Full-Range Loudspeaker System


model S509 "nostalgia II" ― Broadcast FM/AM Tuner

Original Cables & Accessories

Original Cables & Accessories

Support & Service

For our customers take full advantage of your new favorite our products, we are always in stock the service parts of the product in our factory. In addition, due to the improvement of the product, so we will correspond to the paid upgrade to the latest specification those who purchased previously, please feel free to contact us.