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model S509 "nostalgia II" ― Smart Broadcast FM/AM Tuner

"Good old days" with modern design (Analog tuned DSP radio)

While inheriting the sound quality and outlook of the former model S304 "nostalgia", it finished to a compact size. We thoroughly pursued high sensitivity and internal noise reduction, further improved the clear and high fidelity reception performance and fine stereophonic expression. In addition to the current-mode output, you can connect directly with the conventional voltage-mode amplifier with this single model.

How does the voltage-mode and the current-mode signaling works?

By adopting the principle superior current-mode signaling in exchanging music signals, it is progressing dramatically from the conventional audio system. By simplifying the conventional voltage-mode complex equipments, the purity of the music signal has been dramatically improved.
For more information, please read our "Technology" page.
To use current-mode signaling, you need current-mode amplifier such as S502i and S505i.


Smart Size ― Easy to wiring from rear panel.

Incorporated all the functions necessary for reception of FM/AM into a compact dictionary size. Since the depth is narrow, it does not disturb the wiring routing from the rear panel. Because the power transformer is built in, you do not need an AC adapter to occupy the wall outlet.

Large Front Panel ― Easy to operate.

With the operation feeling of the analog tuner, you can get used to it quickly. Because it has a wide width, you can operate it smoothly. The operation is very easy, it is only the power switch, FM/AM band switching, tuning dial from the left. Compared with the original S304, the tuning dial is larger and it made easier to tune.

Japanese Taste ― The texture of Japan.

The front panel in 5mm thick acrylic, lighting watermark handmade Japanese paper brings the texture of Japanese taste. Elegant and cool, finished with a timeless design. The color of the paper is by hope, you can choose from below color variations.

Trend DSP radio with analog Tuning - Extraordinary high sensibility, clear, transparent and warm sound.

As a heart of this product, this maintenance free receiver module using trend DSP chip brings reduced interference and superior signal reception, increased signal sensitivity and reduction of signal drift for unmatched sound quality in an analog tuner. This tuner also uses a transformer and discrete regulators. Non-switching power supply are used to decrease internal noise. A discrete buffer amplifier for line output is used for incredible, warm, clear, and rich sound.

High sensitive AM - Receive middle-wave weak signals with clear sound.

AM broadcasting can also be received. The attached large ferrite bar antenna can be freely rotated by 360 degree by hand, contributing to elimination of interference and high sensitivity. If necessary, you can easily insert and remove the antenna.

Newly Designed Output Stage — Available voltage-mode & current-mode signaling.

As for the current-mode signaling type, the output stage amplifies the current from the DSP chip by current mirror (in principle no nonlinear distortion occurs), obtains the analog output current directly, and it has a completely new constitution, and it is characterized by sound quality with highly pure musical power. Once you listen to the sound quality of current-mode that has reached the area where you are awake, you will not forget. In the case of voltage-mode, since the current amplification is converted to a voltage-mode signal with one low resistor, the sending impedance is very low and your amplifier is firmly driven.

All Stainless Steel ― Good quality music dwells in a sturdy structure.

Including the chassis, spacers, bolts and nuts, all have adopted the stainless steel. Among the metal, stainless steel rigid vibration transmission speed (about 5740m / sec.) is comparatively faster. Not accumulate the vibrational energy to the chassis, the mechanical ground of the vibration that quickly performed, was to further improve the expressive power of a fine sound. In addition, the electrical resistance (internal loss) of stainless steel is larger than that of the copper and aluminum (about 429 times that of copper), to absorb the electromagnetic noise from the internal circuit and external environment, there is also the advantage of easily consumed as heat. In this way, we are contributing significantly to the low noise of the material of the chassis.


  • Power Supply: Worldwide, depend on market (IEC 3 pin AC inlet), AC110~120V, AC220~240V (factory assembled)
  • Power Consumption: less than 5W
  • FM Antenna: F-type connector (75Ω coaxial)
  • FM Band: 87~108MHz (world wide) 50/75μs de-emphasis, stereo
  • FM Features: 2.2μV EMF (@S/N = 26dB), stereo S/N 50dB, AFC
  • AM Antenna: accessory ferrite bar antenna, optional loop antenna (180~450μH)
  • AM Band: 522~1620kHz (9kHz step, Europe/Asia/Africa), 520~1710kHz (10kHz step, America)
  • AM Features: 30μV EMF (@S/N = 26dB), AFC (automatic frequency control), no AM stereo supported.
  • Indicators: tuned (green), FM stereo (red)
  • Line Output (voltage-mode): Analog RCA pin jack (unbalanced) max 2.0Vrms (0dB, 10kΩ load), L/R stereo x1
  • Line output (current-mode): unbalanced RCA pin jack 5.5mAp-p, able to connect to 0Ω devices
  • Size: W200 × H100 × D57mm
  • Weight: 900g (without power cable)
  • Accessories: ferrite bar antenna, power cable for IEC 3 pin AC inlet, alternate fuse, userʹs manual

If you wish to use in Japan, please specify the product Japanese specifications. Please refer to the specifications of the Japanese page for more information.

Top Panel

Color variations of handmade Japanese paper

From left to right: violet, cobalt-blue, olive, plum, sky-blue, lavender, cream, gold. Please choose your favourite color for top panel when you purchase order of this product.

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model S509u ― Available voltage-mode & current-mode signaling.

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