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model S301B "diva" - Full-Range Loudspeaker System

Full-range system. High resolution, wide range, lucid and high speed sound with original designed bass-reflex duct. Handmade natural tone wood enclosure construction and finish by veteran craftsman.


Warmth of wood - Listen to the sound played by the speaker born from the natural forest.

Using a natural wood of the acoustic characteristics better than the conventional MDF (the wood powder plate solidified with resin), a small but 18mm thickness of pine laminated wood with exquisite half-timbered by professional woodworkers.

Full-range - Toward the sky, natural sound that transparent reaches even far.

Full-range is better to reproduce a natural sound space with a uniform pace from bass to treble. If music represented in the full-range can be sufficiently, we do not need anymore.

Stout on the ground - To play the broadband well-balanced faithfully.

Since the unit is stabilized by inclination of baffle, we feel the sound of the double bass. Slit type bass reflex port, located on the slightly inclined bottom, from the bass with a rich and sharp that can not be imagined from the size, midrange with a view of the facial expression, up to the treble was crystal clear, and well-balanced representation.

Little Giant - The sound of the concert hall to the listening room.

A stainless steel spike of 3-point support that is grounded in the mechanical, relieve the vibration of the enclosure as soon as possible. As a result, reduce the retention of the sound, and the sound quality has a sense of speed in a more clear. Of concert hall sound, and then reproduced in comfortably listening room the spread and depth.


  • Unit: 10cm full-range for bass-reflex (alminum diaphragm)
  • Impedance: 7.2Ω typ
  • Max. Input: 22W
  • Sensitibity: 85.8dB/W(1m)
  • Enclosure: bass-reflex
  • Material: pine laminated wood (18mm thickness)
  • Dimension: W180×H250×D250mm (5.8 litre)
  • Weight: 3.2kg × 2
  • Finish: Urethane resin

Enclosure is the only transparent frosted clear in the standard. Due to aging, it will be light brown with a feeling of luxury, such as the classical guitar. As for the unit, we use silver (chrome color) only.

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