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model S507 "notebook II" ― Minimal Size CD Player (DAC included) / CD Transport

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Top loading mechanism like analog players. While inheriting the sound quality of the model S303A "notebook", also non-oversampling D/A converter is built in a minimal size, and finished as an integrated CD player. The techonlogy of the low noise thorough investigation, was to further improve the fine expressive power. So that it can be also utilized as a high-end CD transport, two digital output types (S/PDIF, I2S) are supported. You can choose CD transport type (S507t) without bult-in DAC. As for the bulit-in DAC model (S507u), in addition to the current-mode output, you can connect directly with the conventional voltage-mode amplifier with this single model.

How does the voltage-mode and the current-mode signaling works?

By adopting the principle superior current-mode signaling in exchanging music signals, it is progressing dramatically from the conventional audio system. By simplifying the conventional voltage-mode complex equipments, the purity of the music signal has been dramatically improved.
To use current-mode signaling, you need current-mode amplifier such as S502i and S505i.
For more information, please read our "Technology" page.


Minimal Size ― Easy to wiring from rear panel.

In size-held in one hand (MOLESKINE® large notebook size), you do not choose a place to put it. Since the weight is light, it does not get in the way routing of the wiring from the rear panel. Complex mechanism also without the need for a top-loading, can be played by simply placing the CD in the center and press playback buttons.

MOLESKINE® is registered trademark of Moleskine Italy.

Operations on Top Panel ― Easy to operate.

Because it has operation buttons on the top panel, you can leisurely operation. Also power supply unit has power switch, built-in DAC power switch. Of course, since also comes standard with a remote control, you can also operate from a remote location.

Built-in DAC ― Non-oversampling is still a good freshness!

The fact of audibility and the DAC output waveform as viewed in the oscilloscope, although some association there, nothing in addition, do not catch anything, no digital filter non-oversampling is still a good freshness. There is no rise in blurring or bleeding at all of the sound. By replacing standard IC power regulator to discrete circuit, more clean (about -20dB, 1/10) the power supply, also accurately reproduce fine sound. The power supplied to the built-in DAC, you can switch the internal power supply and the external power supply (φ2.1mm, DC jack). As a result, by an external battery-operated, you will enjoy in a more quiet sound quality.
There is old CD, that has been emphasis processing (high-frequency enhancement) as analog records, some of them are on the market today. Playback of such emphasis CD is still, is where you want to listen to return the correct flat response to the original. In S507 of the built-in DAC, automatically recognizes the track that has been pre-emphasis processing, and de-emphasis it by analog filter.

Two Digital Output Types ― Available coaxial (S/PDIF) and "Inter-IC Sound" (I2S)

So that it can be also utilized as a high-end CD transport has been provided two types of digital output, coaxial output (75Ω, S/PDIF format) and "Inter-IC Sound" (I2S, synchronized digital audio interface). In order to avoid the interference of ground loop between audio devices, it is also ground side by further adopt a separate pulse transformer complete isolation (separation). As a result, you can connect directly with the two types of external DAC which supports coaxial and/or I2S. Ask cable in detail for I2S configuration.

Newly Designed Output Stage — Available voltage-mode & current-mode signaling.

As for the current-mode signaling type, the output stage amplifies the current from the DAC chip TDA1543 by current mirror (in principle no nonlinear distortion occurs), obtains the analog output current directly, and it has a completely new constitution, and it is characterized by sound quality with highly pure musical power. Once you listen to the sound quality of current-mode that has reached the area where you are awake, you will not forget. In the case of voltage-mode, since the current amplification is converted to a voltage-mode signal with one low resistor, the sending impedance is very low and your amplifier is firmly driven.

All Stainless Steel ― Good quality music dwells in a sturdy structure.

Including the chassis, spacers, bolts and nuts, all have adopted the stainless steel. Among the metal, stainless steel rigid vibration transmission speed (about 5740m / sec.) is comparatively faster. Not accumulate the vibrational energy to the chassis, the mechanical ground of the vibration that quickly performed, was to further improve the expressive power of a fine sound. In addition, the electrical resistance (internal loss) of stainless steel is larger than that of the copper and aluminum (about 429 times that of copper), to absorb the electromagnetic noise from the internal circuit and external environment, there is also the advantage of easily consumed as heat. In this way, we are contributing significantly to the low noise of the material of the chassis.

Newly Designed Remote Controller — Easier to hold, easier to operate.

We re-designed S503/S507 remote controller. Because it has a long shape and a good balance of weight, it is easier to hold than ever, with one hand it makes it easy to operate the buttons with just the thumb. Since it operates with two AAA batteries and further saves power, it can be used for a longer period of time. Since the panel screws use cap-bolts that can also be rotated with fingers, battery replacement has also become easier.

CD Transport Common Specifications (S507t/S507u)

  • Power Supply: Worldwide, depend on market (IEC 3 pin AC inlet), AC110~120V, AC220~240V (factory assembled)
  • Mechanism: Top loading mechanism
  • Disc Format: CD-DA, CD-DA format CD-R/CD-RW, CD layer of SA-CD (SA-CD, HD-CD is not supported)
  • Digital Output 1: S/PDIF (coaxial) x1 (isolated ground), 75Ω, 0.5Vpp
  • Digital Output 2: I2S (BCLK/LRCK/DATA/GND) x1, 3.3V TTL compatible logic level, USB 'A' type connector
  • Operations: Top panel tact buttons, remote controller
  • Playbacks: stop, play/pause, previous/next, fast reverse/forward playback (x10), timecode (elapsed/remain, track/disc), repeat (track/disc)
  • CD Drive Unit: Size W150×H45×D245mm - MOLESKINE® large notebook size, Weight 1.2kg
  • Power Supply Unit: Size W100×H45×D200mm - Bible size, Weight 1.0kg (without power cable)
  • Materials: Stainless steel, hairline finished. Power supply unit has gray-smoke acrylic top panel.
  • Accessories: power supply unit, power cable for IEC 3 pin AC inlet, disc clamp, remote controller, userʹs manual

Built-in DAC Specifications (S507u)

  • Both internal and external DC power supply available. φ2.1mm DC jack to connect with such as 12V battery.
  • DAC: Philips TDA1543 16 bit non-oversampling DAC
  • Re-clock: Fully discrete analog oscillator (ultra-low jitter, ultra-low 1/f phase noise)
  • Crystal: Professional grade quartz crystal (frequency drift is less than 5..7ppm)
  • Output Stage: Fully discrete BJT current mirror amplifier
  • S/N ratio: 96dB (typ)
  • Line Output (voltage-mode): Analog RCA pin jack (unbalanced) max 2.0Vrms (0dB, 10kΩ load), L/R stereo x1
  • Line output (current-mode): unbalanced RCA pin jack 5.5mAp-p, able to connect to 0Ω devices

If you wish to use in Japan, please specify the product Japanese specifications. Please refer to the specifications of the Japanese page for more information.

Retail Price ~ Available Now.

model S507t ― CD transport type (without built-in DAC) ~ Can add built-in DAC later.

model S507u ― CD player type (include built-in DAC) ~ Also can use both digital outputs.

Optional Power Supply Unit ― for traveller, AC110~120V and/or AC220~240V

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