model S507 "notebook II"
Minimal Size CD Player (*1) / CD Transport

*1 D/A Processor engine included

Digital beyond digital.

Top loading mechanism like analog players. Newly designed 16-bit D/A Processor is built in a minimal size, and finished as an integrated CD Player. The techonlogy of the low noise thorough investigation, was to further improve the fine expressive power. So that it can be also utilized as a high-end CD Transport, two digital output types (S/PDIF, I2S) are supported. You can choose CD Transport type (S507t) without bult-in D/A Processor engine.


Minimal Size ― Easy to wiring from rear panel.

Complex mechanism also without the need for a top-loading, can be played by simply placing the CD in the center and press playback buttons.

Operations on Top Panel ― Easy to operate.

Because it has operation buttons on the top panel, you can leisurely operation. Also power supply unit has power switch, built-in DAC power switch.

Two Digital Output Types ― Available coaxial (S/PDIF) and "Inter-IC Sound" (I2S)

So that it can be also utilized as a high-end CD Transport has been provided two types of digital output, coaxial output (75Ω, S/PDIF format) and "Inter-IC Sound" (I2S, synchronized digital audio interface). In order to avoid the interference of ground loop between audio devices, it is also ground side by further adopt a separate pulse transformer complete isolation (separation).

Remote Controller ― Easy to hold, easy to operate.

It is easy to hold with one hand it makes it easy to operate the buttons with just the thumb. Since it operates with two AAA batteries and further saves power, it can be used for a longer period of time.


CD Transport Common (S507t/S507u)

Built-in D/A Processor engine (S507u)

Retail Price

model S507t ― CD Transport (without built-in D/A Processor) ~ Can add this module later.

model S507u ― CD Player (include built-in D/A Processor) ~ Also can use both digital outputs.

Optional Power Supply Unit ― for traveller, AC110~120V and/or AC220~240V

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